Automating Inefficient Processes Is Every Company’s Hidden Issue

Submitted by Adam Alfi on Tue, 02/16/2016 - 12:35

A short while ago our enterprise consultants and I were having a discussion regarding the progress of a particular project. The project involved integrating the business with a cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. What caught my attention during the conversation was not the open tasks, or the percentage of completion of the project back then, but rather what one stakeholder said to the project engineer during one of the discovery meetings.

The stakeholders and the EffVision team were discussing current business processes, and how, through the discovery, we can see if a system can automate a large amount of the processes and workflows that the client had in their old system. The discussion seemed to have presented all parties with a great opportunity to perform some business process analysis, trim the fat, and automate the process with a lean workflow. Instead, the EffVision team were told that they need to make sure that the system chosen should be able to adapt and customized to how the client does business.

While the remainder of the story is to be left for another time, the directive from the stakeholder raises a major business question. How much time and money is your business wasting by utilizing bad processes and workflows?
The fact is, most businesses do have a very real workflow problem and many times it cannot be seen from the inside. Being too close to the problem may cause the stakeholder to not even realize that there is an issue. Perhaps “It’s just the way we do things here” or “This is how its always been done” have been repeated around the office.

Automating a process that is still heavy with manual entry, like processing a purchase order, or perhaps a product reorder process using spreadsheets, increases the potential for human error and can in some cases be a major security risk. If a paper copy of an important document is left on a printer or a desk, the sensitive information pertaining to the company or a product could be exposed.

While many may look at process automation and workflow development as a way to increase efficiency, the other major benefit is employee morale. An efficient workforce is a happy workforce that benefits from less mistakes and less worry about risk.

With the increase in resources and time demands that every growing business faces every day, Picking the right business partner is extremely important. One aspect that we here at EffVision are proud of is our business process analysis and workflow automation consulting services. We can get you started in identifying and analyzing processes and workflows and greatly improve them. Let our experts help.