The Rebellious 25-year-old Website

Submitted by Adam Alfi on Thu, 01/21/2016 - 09:22

25 Years ago, a new thing called a “Website” was born….

I remember when the internet was this new thing that everyone was raving about. I recall the noise that the modem made when I was about to log on. I remember the AOL’s famous “You’ve got mail!” and how excited I was to hear that. I remember my father yelling about the phone bill….yup…those were the days.

Here we are. 25 years later, and the internet is everywhere. There’s even this thing called ‘the cloud’ that some old business owners are afraid of, not knowing that they use it in one form or another everyday. But as everyone in the world knows, 25 year olds are not perfect. Even with the internet being a pillar in our every day lives it is still trying to discover itself while thinking that nothing can take it down.

Even at 25, it’s been changing a lot. Remember when websites were made using Geocities? Remember the GIF images of a rotating star? (Random thought…remember the Microsoft Word Paperclip?) How far we have come, and yet we are not even scratching the surface.

Recently the Website has matured. It no longer wants to be called a website. At 25, it thinks it’s time to be called a Digital Experience. It wants you to know that its not only for viewing content anymore, but that it has also become interactive, engaging and in some cases it even can have a conversation with you.

The impact that Websites have had on business is undeniable. There is a trend that even retailors are seeing that may be troubling for them because they do not yet know how to integrate to it. Retail stores are starting to become nothing more than a showroom or a pickup/return location for consumers. The real revenue generating division has become e-commerce.

Many retailors will admit, against their wishes, that the majority of their revenue is generated from online sales rather than actual stores. In the 3rd quarter of 2015, consumers spent 13.5% more online across all sectors according to the MarketLive Performance Index. It was fueled by consumers’ ability to shop via mobile devices. Consumers using mobile devices also were found to have spent 233% more in the third quarter than in 2014. The online revenue sector grew almost 40% year over year, and the trend is not slowing down.

The Digital Experience as the Website wants to be called now, is something all business owners must think about. With the incredible growth of mobile traffic businesses MUST design their Digital Experiences “Mobile first”. Design your site as a mobile site and then when you are done design it for a conventional browser on your computer.

At Effvision, we have adopted that approach and we preach it to our clients and prospects every day. With Personal Computer sales falling rapidly over the last couple of years and the exponential gain in internet browsing that mobile devices continue to gather, it is only a matter of time before what we used to call the rebellious 25-year-old “Website” will soon be forgotten and the Digital Experience will be all that we remember.