Build an interactive classroom with Microsoft Education Apps.

With remote learning, it’s more important now than ever to be up to date, and keep students engaged throughout the whole learning period. And that’s why you have to take a look into Microsoft Education Apps


Education Insights in Microsoft Teams.

Do you know that you can use data insights to improve teaching and learning? The new feature Education Insights app is available now in Microsoft Teams.


Get insights on how your students is engaging in online learning

Microsoft Apps help you ensure that you school is up to date technology wise and going through the right learning path.

Education Insights is a new update in the Microsoft Teams App that help you measure and track each student individually, but also you could track individual student engagement, grades and assignments and their performance. Identifying the right approaches and solutions that best suits their needs.

Moreover, the Spotlight update help your students stay focused by locking the instructor’s video for the whole class to avoid any other distractions and give you more control through remote teaching.


Immersive Reader

Immersive reader is a full screen reading experience to improve spelling and reading skills to those students who face problems learning at home regardless of their age or ability. It’s like having a smart educator whenever they need.

You can customise, voice speed from fast to slow, female or Male voice

You can use Immersive reader in most of Microsoft Apps like:

Word, OneNote, Outlook, Office Lens, Microsoft Teams, Forms, Minecraft Education Edition and the Edge browser


Create a channel in Microsoft Teams

Set channel specific collaboration and content spaces

Now an educator has the option to set Channels to create sections in Collaboration Space or Content Library, which is especially helpful for educators who like to use channels as separate units. While in a class team, go to the Class Notebook and click “Manage Notebook” to choose which channel a new Section will go. This allows the educator to create a “read-only” Content Library or student editable “Collaboration Space” specific to each unit and channel.


Create a OneNote file in assignments.

Educators can create an assignment file on Teams and choosing its format whether to be Word, excel, OneNote Class notebook page, or PowerPoint file. And all students will get a notification in Teams.



Detect and delete inappropriate messages

Microsoft enables IT managers to automatically control/remove and delete inappropriate messages/images students may send to ensure a better and safer education experience without any harassing or offensive language.


As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we’re committed to providing you with the best solutions that keep your students and faculty engaged, more collaborated, develop their skills, and empower every student to achieve more by promoting communication and critical thinking.