Top five working from home tips

by Iga Szczepanik.

As a Project Manager, it’s my job to make sure the team is meeting their deadlines, and that projects are delivered on time.

We are living and working in strange times though. So, to help you through the working day and meeting those targets, here’s five of my favorite tips, to make your work from home life a little more bearable.

  1. Get ready for the day. After few months in quarantine, we all know how tempting it is to stay in your pajamas all day. And although it might not be functional or necessary to dress extremely professionally while working from home, a simple act of putting on more “presentable” clothes, sends a signal to your brain that it’s time to get up and get to work! Besides, you won’t have the immediate panic attack if someone schedules a last-minute video session.
  2. Stay Organized. As a project manager this is my favorite, and (in my opinion) most important tip. Staying organized will help with your consistency and provide a routine. Depending on your preferences, you can use a paper agenda, online calendar or OneNote. Before the start of each working day, make sure to list out all your meetings and tasks. This will help you to reduce stress and be ready for the day ahead.
  3. Schedule your working blocks. When I need to prepare an important timeline, or respond to multiple emails, I like to put my Microsoft Teams status to “do not disturb.” This will help you focus, without the constant notifications popping up.
  4. Create a comfortable workspace. For many of us, the pre-COVID separation of home and work meant we had more outdoor breaks. At the moment, it feels like you can't catch a break.
    Try to make a workspace with a comfortable chair that you can sit in for hours. Avoid sitting on the couch with the TV playing in the background and consider adding fun Teams Virtual Background to your video calls. Make the space your own and be creative!
  5. Don’t forget to socialize! Use your usual commute time to check in with your co-workers. Schedule virtual happy hours, or simply call you co-worker instead of sending another email. All this doesn’t apply to just your colleagues. You can use the same techniques to keep in touch with friends and family. Virtual Family hang outs via Teams have been one of my favorite quarantine activities!


If you’d like to discuss with us how we work or how we can help you be productive from home, get in touch with one of our experts today.