Seven reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 10

If you haven’t already decided to upgrade to Windows 10, then why not?

To help highlight some of the plus points, Yara Marsafy’s has jotted down seven quick and digestible reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 10 (today).

So, without further ado…

1. Speed

If you never made the move to Windows 8 or 8.1, you've missed out on one of the best things to ever hit Windows Operating Systems.

But, all is not lost, because if you upgrade to Windows 10, you’ll find that it manages memory more efficiently than all the earlier versions of the OS.

It's probably the most stable and secure version of Windows that's ever been released, and also includes several new features; including Microsoft Edge and Cortana, which means your computer will feel even more powerful.

2. The Start Menu

Customise it to look however you want!

Your apps and programs are also available at the touch of a button. Select the start  button on the taskbar and you can pin apps and programs, or move and regroup tiles. It’s that easy!

3. Cortana

It's nice to be able to talk to your technology. A little like Siri. “Hey Cortana, play music," or “take a note,” or, “schedule an appointment”.

The new Cortana experience places a greater emphasis on productivity, helping you quickly find the information you want across Microsoft 365.

Cortana in Windows can assist you better in managing your schedule and tasks, and you can do things like search for documents, and compose quick emails.

4. Action centre

Your smartphone pops up notifications for messages, updates, and even breaking news - so why shouldn't your PC? With Windows 10 you can do exactly that. Get ready to be notified!

5 . Microsoft ending support

In January 2020, Microsoft announced that it would end technical support and security updates for Windows 7. If you still haven’t updated your operating system, you’re opening up your company to the possibility of getting hacked, being suspectable to viruses, or a whole range of other potential future security flaws. 

6. Safer web browsing

Windows Defender Application Guard is available in both Windows 10 Enterprise and the professional mode. It lets you use the Edge browser inside a virtual machine. If you or an employee unknowingly contracts malware by visiting a malicious website, it won't be able to damage the computer or the network, because it will be confined inside the virtual machine. Very clever!

7. More efficient updates for Windows 10

Another great feature is the Unified Update Platform (UUP). UUP identifies new smart changes to Windows 10, and downloads only those specific updates. That means your computer will not have to download a larger package, which can be quite time consuming.

Microsoft says UUP can reduce the download size of Windows updates by up to 35 per cent, sparing storage space on your computer, and the time it takes to install updates.

And there you have it. If you’d like to discuss any of the points raised in this article, or how we might be able to help you, get in touch with a member of our team today, it would be great to hear from you.