Web development, Microsoft partnership and the Egyptian market

12 months ago, I started my role at EffVision as a salesperson, managing the territory of the Middle East and Africa. It was a huge challenge and the start of a new chapter in my career.

It also, because of the pandemic and working from home, provided me with enough time to really see the benefits of Microsoft 365 (in particular Microsoft Teams), and the complete integration process between OneDrive, SharePoint, and the rest of the outstanding platforms.

Benefits of Microsoft partnership

EffVision’s partnership with Microsoft adds so many benefits. We are talking about the world’s number one company when it comes to information technology. And, because EffVision is now able to resell Microsoft Office licenses, it provides us with a great advantage when coming up against our competitors.

From developing and hosting your website, to giving you the Office license for internal and external collaboration, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, our credibility really does exceed our competition.

Web development


If you want to start your own company, the first thing you would need in the modern era is a good website/application. After all, it’s your company profile and it’s accessible to people 24 hours a day.

If people arrive at your website and they’re satisfied by the design and the overall user experience, they will probably like it, and return.

At EffVision we are not only experts in web development and hosting, but we’re one of the very few organizations in Egypt that is also a Microsoft Gold partner, which certainly makes us stronger, and something that we are proud about.

But, to be clear; our vision is not just about selling, because our priority first and foremost is to build trust and add value to our customers.

The Egyptian market


The Egyptian market is one of the most spontaneous in the world. Some people seek value, others may seek the lowest cost, while many look for a combination of the two.

The most important aspect within the Egyptian market and its continued growth – is word of mouth. Which is why our vision and mission are all about delivering value to our customers.

The hard part is acquiring the customer and delivering value, but we do this by having an honest and transparent approach, and by trying to build relationships with organizations over time so that we can prosper together.

If you’d like a further chat with Omar and the team about any of the points raised in this article, get in touch with them today.