Ev Talks: kamran khaliq.

Do you think you're busy? Kamran Khaliq is our guest this week, and talks candidly about his business interests, VOID Fragrances, and has one or two tips for people who might be looking to launch a business this calendar year. It's another good one folks!

Seven reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 10

If you haven’t already decided to upgrade to Windows 10, then why not?

To help highlight some of the plus points, Yara Marsafy’s has jotted down seven quick and digestible reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 10 (today).

So, without further ado…

EV Talks

In the first edition of EV Talks, we talk life at EffVision with CEO Adam Alfi (@AdamAlfi Twitter). We also discuss other topics such as technology, digital, recruitment, staff and much, much more.