Your data and making it work for you…

It’s been a common trend, word, theme, whatever you wish to call it, in the business world for well over a decade. Yet, organisations are still finding the best way to analyse their data capture and more importantly implement it, so that it works in the most beneficial of ways for them as a whole, and is not just used as a weapon to arm marketing and sales people with.

“It’s an uncomplicated tool that’s made complicated,” one client said. “These people, companies, know they need it; they just struggle with what to do with the information once they’ve retrieved it. Data provides an essential insight into your company. What are you doing? How are you doing? Is it really working? It really is a crime if you don’t use it the right way.”

It’s also a bit of a challenge to get everything down into one blog post, but, in true EffVision style we’ve come up with this simple takeaway to highlight for you some of the areas we think data can help you and your company throughout 2018 and beyond.

Data: Finding better solutions
The first thing any organisation should do with their data is keep it, and hold it close. People are searching for different things, and your data capture provides the answer to their problems. The findings might help internal process, point towards a better way of working, or help you construct a simple piece of content that’s tailored to help with an industry talking point .

Data: Make better decisions
This is not just with and on behalf of your clients/customers, but also internally, with your own staff. For existing employees or anyone you may look to employee in the future, your data provides you with a benchmark; here’s what we do well, this is what we need to be better at, and these are the skills sets we would love to attract to maintain that competitive advantage.

Data: Improve process
We spoke earlier in the month with our managing director Adam Alfi about cross functional collaboration, and data is a huge factor behind this. Use your data to streamline output, provide a better service, lower costs and create shorter lead times.

Data: Understand customers and market
It’s the most important part, right? And it’s not as complex as many people might have you believe.
So why are so many companies only using a fraction of the data they have in their possession?
Use it to help you react quicker and understand customer behaviour in real-time, be it through the website or social media.
Then, start to target your marketing efforts on the things that are relevant. Continue the process by listening and asking your audience questions so that you are learning on the move and with them. Piece of cake…

So in summary.. Are we still coming to terms with it? Well, YES! But, because technology is constantly evolving, it’s not something anyone will ever quite master. Fortunately, that’s where we come in…contact us at EffVision and lets see how we can help!