Dear Windows 7…Thanks for everything…it’s been fun!

Written by Adam Alfi

People will remember the good and that bad of Windows 7 and while some may have some buggy memories of Windows 7, I think we all can agree that every single one of us preferred 7 to the ugly step sibling…Windows 8.

I’ll say one thing about Windows 8 and I will drop it forever…I think 8 joins the forgotten team of horrid operating systems produced by Microsoft. Who can forget (Or do you really want to even remember) Windows ME, Vista, or for the real geeks out there….Lindows…ugh…I feel a bit dirty now….brb…

Ok I’m back. I had to take a shower after that.

Windows 7 was a really good operating system, and Windows 10 has some big shoes to fill (and it will. I’ll get to that later). Windows 7 had really cool features. We can start with the interface. It introduced the Aero interface which was a way where you can see behind the open window. It was a nice improvement over the interface with XP to be fair.

Staying with the Aero interface, who can remember how you felt when you tried to Aero Snap, peek and shake for the first time. I felt like my laptop was something from Star Trek honestly. Loved it.

I’ll give you one more of so many nice little touches that Windows 7 introduced that really changed how we interact with our machine. The improved search features. A super easy way to search your computer for anything pretty much. The best part of it was that you can search with just key terms and boom, you are there.

Windows 7 was awesome. End of life is January 2020, so while you think you may have a few more months to play with it, you may not want to. I love Windows 7, and I am going to miss it…but not that much…why, you ask? Because Windows 10!

Windows 10 is the next best thing when it comes to Work Place Technology. Man is it a step up. Aaaaand yes…I can hear folks start throwing out the “1809 has some issues and Microsoft just said to hold up on 1903”..Yea. I get it, but so what? Nothing is perfect. The rest of Windows 10 is damn near perfect if you ask me. Let’s go over some really cool stuff with 10 (I’ll leave Edge till the end, because if there is anything that is meh to me with 10, its Edge and I promise I’ll explain why at the end).

The Start Menu!
Let’s start with the Start. Revamped and redesigned. If you have a machine with a touch screen, are you having fun yet? Because it’s pretty nice if you ask me. Not only did Microsoft resurrect the menu, the tile theme and design makes it head and shoulders above the rest of the OS’s out there to make life so much easier for you. Here is a tip if you didn’t already know. If you need to expand your start menu, you can have it expand to full screen. Go ahead. Try it...I’ll wait. When you are done, continue reading.

Now let’s talk about the Virtual Desktops.
If you don’t have two or three screens already (If you don’t, what are you waiting for? Once you get two, one will never be good enough for you!) you can understand that real estate on your screen will get crowded very quickly. So, Microsoft is introducing the Virtual Desktop feature where you can have multiple desktops going on at the same time, and the user can switch from one to the other pretty quickly. This way you may not need more than one monitor (those of you laptop worriers), but trust me, get a second monitor If you can. Its life changing.

I’m not even getting into the integration with Office 365 and teams and all that jazz. That’s for another blog on its own. Stay tuned for that one. I may even do a…gasp…vlog!

OK. I hear some of you asking why I’m not talking about Egde. Alright alright. Here is my issue with Edge. I know that Microsoft is proud of it, and they should be. Its sleek, light and quick. What it lacks is support for Java. What that means is that when you try and access some cloud based applications that are java based, you may run into issues with compatibility. So long as you can always remember that it’s a “light” browser and that you can use regular Explorer for all you “heavy” web browsing and work, you will be fine. It will take a little getting used to though because Edge is the default browser for Windows 10.

Windows 10 is not really new. It’s been publically released since 2015. Yea. That’s almost 5 years ago. Most of you have it on your personal machines already and have had it for a while. What we are seeing now is a wave of migrations for companies (mostly enterprise level organizations). Windows 7 was a stable and a pretty damn good operating system, so the need to change was never presenting itself. Now, there aren’t really many options. You can get extended support for Windows 7 till the end of 2020, but it will come at a cost, and it’s a stop gap until you move to 10. You can’t run away from it at this point.

As we embrace Windows 10 as the new norm, we will look back at 7 and think of mostly good things. We will have fond memories of the little things it introduced that have become part of our everyday work life.

We salute you Windows 7, but know that your legacy is in good hands. Take it away Windows 10!